Terms & FAQ

Q. I am locked out! Do I need to show you identification?

Yes. However if your id is inside you can show us after we get you inside.

Q. Will you damage my door?

No. We are Locksmiths, we will do our very best to manipulate the lock/door to open it, on rare occasions there is minor cosmetic damage.

Q. Will I need a new lock after you open it?

In most cases no. How ever I carry a wide range of parts so it can be replaced for an extra fee.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee if I open the door before you get here?

Yes, this is because we respond and work hard to get to the call within the hour. Please make sure you want us before you call us! People wasting our time are on the increase and we will ask for a credit card number for emergency work.

Q. How many keys come with new locks?

Most brands give 2 sets of keys with the new lock, some however give 3. I now stock cylinders that come with 5 keys for profile type cylinders

Q. Can you cut extra keys on site?

Yes. We cut extra keys in the van. At only £7-10 each, good value as you can test the keys straight away. Instead of getting them cut in a shoe repair/key cutting shop. And on occasion getting them home to find out they do not work!

Q. Do you paint/wax/varnish your work once installed.

This is a separate trade, and our prices do not include any finishing services. However we do provide a finishing service at an extra cost.

This is why we like to have at least a weeks’ notice when fitting a timber door. To allow the treatment to dry thoroughly.

Q. Do you provide free estimates?

Not always, especially with some reactive work such as locking system problems, work is needed to be done to diagnose the locking system problem, and what part needs replacing. I always try to be fair with my pricing.

Q How long is your estimate valid.

Valid for Ninety days from the date shown.

Q. Can I see examples of your work?

Yes you can, sadly to keep prices competitive we do not have a show room, we have put as many photos on this website as possible, and they are regularly updated.

People are always happy with our work and offer reference through email or phone, however getting them to let strangers into their homes to see our craftsmanship is understandably difficult.

Q. Can my children watch you work?

This is not advisable; we use sharp and dangerous tools. Child safety is the parent’s/guardians liability, and we cannot be responsible for any injuries incurred from children in the work area.

Q. Will you make a mess?

We always use dust sheets and work out side when possible, we also use dust extractors on our power tools. It is the customer’s responsibility to clear the room of delicate furnishings and carpets when having work done.

Q Do you give a guarantee?


Depending on what the manufacturer offers and the type of work carried out. We offer 30 days for you to get back to us for any workmanship concerns.

Locks fitted to Timber, bespoke, or purpose made products such as doors/windows, cannot be guaranteed against natural occurring defects such as warping, twisting, rot, swelling, cracking and shrinkage. Also we can not guaranty against misuse, or wear and tear. Upvc also has some natural defects, the plastic becomes brittle and is prone to regular movement over time, that sometimes may affect the lock from working. Most upvc systems have adjustment mechanisms for this. Coming back to adjust doors/windows after movement has occurred on all upvc/composite and timber can not be included in the warrantee. All parts I use, I offer a personal 1 year warrantee. Labour however has to be charged.

Q Can you invoice me and I will pay later.

For customers who have established a trust with us, we may offer this service. But in general no.

Our view on this is we do the work promptly and like to get paid promptly.

Q Can I pay by credit card?

Due to lack of interest we no longer accept credit or debit cards. We will take cheque's and cash. You may also pay a direct payment via Internet/phone banking into our account.

As a last resort we will take cards through trust a trader, but there is an extra cc fee for this service.